Article 13

Only under any of the following circumstances may a personal information processor process personal information:

(I) where the consent of the individual concerned is obtained;

(II) where it is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract to which the individual concerned is a party, or to implement human resources management in accordance with labor rules and regulations formulated according to law and collective contracts concluded according to law;

(III) where it is necessary for the performance of statutory duties or statutory obligations;

(IV) where it is necessary for coping with public health emergencies or for the protection of the life, health, and property safety of a natural person;

(V) where such acts as news reporting and supervision by public opinions are carried out for the public interest, and the processing of personal information is within a reasonable scope;

(VI) where the personal information disclosed by individuals themselves or other legally disclosed personal information is processed within a reasonable scope in accordance with the provisions of this Law; and

(VII) other circumstances provided by laws and administrative regulations.

Individual consent shall be obtained for the processing of personal information stipulated in the other clauses of this Law, but in the circumstances specified in the preceding paragraph from (II) to (VII), the individual’s consent is not required.